Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Special Friends

I love decorating for Halloween.. no idea why I just adore it. Well I love decorating in general but I usually only decorate between Halloween and Christmas.

This past weekend my mom and I spent Saturday morning at the Main Street mall in Riverside. Had a great time to. At one of our stops I picked up a cool little trinket:

I just had to have this little guy.. so great for Halloween. They had orange ones to.. I may just have to go back. So here's my delima to amputate or to not amputate. The ocd side of me says I should fix him..but the hippy side of me says leave him be... it is Halloween.

What do you think? To trim or not to trim?


  1. Not to trim....and don't tell Tiffany next time you come, or she will go too and spend all our money. :)

  2. If was me, I'd try to fix it, but I have CDO. It's like OCD, but the letters are in alphabeticle order. (As they should be!)

    If you fix it, take only every other leg starting with the second one. This way you'll only remove 3 per side & the others will be evenly spaced.

    Trebor N

  3. I love it just the way it is....

  4. adorable creation.. congrats on winning at Lawnscaping :) hugs