Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camp.. Card Camp that is...

I came home from Girls Camp and decided to enroll in Card Camp and am not regretting it. So much talent from all over the world has become a captive audience. Needless to say I’m happy with that purchase. The theme of camp is color and the homework we’ve been asked to do, if we so choose, is to make note of color combos in the world be it a flower bed, sign, store display etc. Genius… I hadn't really thought of doing this, it makes so much sense. I adore my smart phone so I figured I would take note with photos. I am fortunate enough to live down the street from Disneyland and am fortunate enough to have a Disney pass. The color combo's in flower beds they create are stunning... I could have a lifetime of color combos just from Disneyland. I digress.

Monday's are the days they release the new color combination at card camp. I didn’t sign up til Tuesday so I was already a day behind. Here is this week's color combo:

I had a difficult time getting those colors to work for me. Granted I was having sinus issues and just wanted to sleep all day however I really wanted to get an entry in. I spent some time with the stamps and the wheels started turning. I ended up having a number of issues come up, mostly due to my cloudy thinking but I keep my nose down and finished the card. I don’t know why the color combo was so difficult. Although thinking about it now I don't really own those colors but I made due. There are almost 500 cards entered and a number of them are gorgeous, again some serious talent. Mine is but a humble card... clean and simple.

Stamps: Penny Black -Hello Friend and Lawn Fawns - Sophie's Sentiments. All the coloring was done via Copic's. (Sorry I don't have the numbers right in front of me I'll add them to this post later)

We were given a air gun for the Copic's and I decided to give it a whirl. I butchered the first attempt and then ran out of air so the hubby was kind enough to get me another can. (Thanks DK ur the best) It came out pretty good for a first try. That is how I created the sky blue background.

3 more weeks of card camp to go. :D


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When the Chef's Away...

I've returned! Camp was great.. long, hard, and dirty but great. My sinuses went berserk up the mountain and have sucked the life out of me though. :( Plus I left my creative desk a mess and I've done a great job of avoiding that area of the house.

It's great to be back with my hubby. He went to a wedding out of state and returned the day after I left so we were apart way to long. I of coursed missed him however I had a great time hitting all the restaurants he won't go to. Spent way too much money doing it, however it was a fun tasty vacation. Where did I go you ask?

First up Disneyland. I swore I wouldn't eat out side of the Blue Bayou however the Hungry Bear Restaurant had been remolded so I gave it a whirl. I'm surprised to say it was pretty good for overpriced theme park food. The sweet potato fries were perfect, the sandwich was a little dry but eh it's theme park food. I may actually spend my money there again.

Thursday night was Mexi Casa Let me just say you can tell the level of food by its patrons.. I mean.. if you go to a Chinese food restaurant and lots of Chinese people are there, you know your in the right place. The patrons that frequent Mexi Casa.. are older Non-Mexicans. It's very very VERY American-ized food. It's yummy and the best part is the most expensive thing on the menu is $6.00.

Friday night was Pasta Connection ahhh I just love their spinach ravioli... just delicious. Plus they sell South American stuff like Yerba Mate. My goal was to save some for lunch the next day but it keep calling my name so I finished it off that night.

Originally I said I wanted pancakes however I found out from some great food friends of ours the best place for breakfast is the Pancake House. Which is only open in the mornings. I ended up getting Black Angus. The waitress wasn't in the best of moods, she was decent but when I asked if the Ocean Mist artichokes were sprayed with ocean mist.. she didn't find it very funny. Dk would have laughed. She then explained it was the salt they used blah blah blah.... I called Dk and asked him.... come to find out Ocean Mist is a brand. The steak was prepared perfectly, however Dk's pan seared stakes are far better. It was way to much money for the amount of food. It was good but not that good. I won't be spending my money there. I hope your proud of yourself Dk.

Lastly was Sizzler. You have to understand Sizzler was a staple growing up. My grandparents adored it. They even had their 50th wedding anniversary there. When my grandfather died we had his memorial there. We would even find the local Sizzlers while on vacation. It's a big deal for us. I grabbed my bff Sarah and we went. I went with a... just go for the idea of it.. not for the food mentality and I was shocked with everything. Just loved it. For 11 dollars we got essentially 3 meals! They have a value meal that comes with all you can eat salad so we packed up our plates and only ate from the salad bar. Awesome leftovers. I will most definitely be going there again.

I am happy to report I signed up for the summer card camp :) lots of random drawings. I need to kick this sinus issue quick there's lots to do. Hopefully the creativity will kick in soon.

It's good to be home and eating Dk's cooking again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'll be back!

It's been busy. As I previously stated I have some pretty serious camping experience with the YMCA.. I adore camp and what it does for a child is truly priceless.

A couple of years ago I said as much with the young women leaders of our church and they sucked me in to help. Which is great! Two things I love together.. church and camp what could be better?

A little back story. When I moved to Orange County I was diagnosed with Asthma.. weird.. although come to find out the more densely populated an area is the more prone to asthma people are. I love Orange County but that's another story for another day. The one thing that happens this time of year is June gloom.. its super gloomy til the afternoon. I love it as it keeps the temp down and makes the evenings perfect. My sinus on the other hand don't like the June gloom and object with a post nasal drip.

Come to find out asthma and mucus don't get along and this time last year I was pretty sick. So sick that the Dr said there was no way I could go to girls camp. :( very disappointing.

This year came around as did my post nasal drip and before anything could happen I went to the doctor.. she prescribed number of various items. (I was like an old lady at the pharmacy, something for everything) $100 later (thank goodness I have insurance) I got started on a complex routine of pills and sprays. It worked! I'm not sick this year I will be going to camp!

We leave this morning. It mean's I'll be missing out on a number of things.. the return of my husband being the biggest. (He went to Alabama for a wedding, he's been gone for almost a week now) It will be great though.

See ya next week!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Challenges

As I've blogged about before the first of every month Hero Arts presents a monthly challenge, the great thing is they have multiple ways to enter and the winners get $50. This month I choose to take on the water coloring challenge.

My awesome Mother asked me to make a card for a friend of ours, Nancy. Over this past year she has been ill off and on... it's come to light she has a fungus in her lungs and the only way to rid her body of it is by removing that lob of the lung. Her surgery is later this month and my mother stated I'll buy what every you need make her something really special. So I got to work. Because I'm a good daughter I didn't need her to buy me anything as temping as it was.

This ended up taking a lot longer then I planned I started out with the Large Flower Pattern stamp and used my water colored pencils for color. I painted away and it was bland.. the colors just weren't bright enough. As an experiment I then took some green Copics over the leaves. The leave's looked great... however the flowers looked really icky.

Next comes the funny ha ha part cuz I like to digress... As I didn't know what to do with it I pushed the it around the desk for a few days. During that time Mom comes over and asks "Hows Nancy's card going?"..... er ah ... it's not done.. "well let me see it" she says. She didn't say it but the look on her face was... oh. "I told you it wasn't done.. we have time.. it will be great" I said. Mom agreed the flowers were to plain. One of Mother's traits I adore is how honest she is. If I ask her something she won't give it to me sugar coated. She'll tell me the truth. She won't pretend to like something cuz that's what mothers are supposed to do. Now don't get me wrong she will like something because I made it, because she's supportive. And she won't beat me down with how ugly things are.... she just gives me an honest answer to a simple question. I know where I got that trait from.

Anywho I set the card aside.. again... and played with Flower Bird Garden stamp and ended up creating this:

The background blue is distress inks Tumbled Glass, Broken China and Faded Jeans. I stamped the pads directly on my craft sheet then sprayed them with alcohol blending solution. Dragged a piece of glossy paper through it a few times... rinse repeat.. done. The birds and flowers were water colored with Jenny Bowlin paints. I sent a pic of it over to Mom she said ooooh I want that one for Nancy instead. Done! I decided to not put a sentiment on it.. that was a bit harder then I thought it would be but I took the plunge. I added the bling after I saw the photo of it on the computer as the flowers needed something. I've still yet to figure out if I love it or hate it, the bling that is. I am very happy with everything else.

Back to the first card. Here I had this painted piece I didn't want to throw away as I had put to much effort into it. But those flowers.. ick.. I ended up water coloring over them again with distress inks..mustard and marmalade much much better.

That bow kicked my butt. I started off with green but the ribbon was to thin and the proportions weren't right... I didn't have the right color... disagreeable (Note to self buy more alcohol inks.... if I owned more inks this wouldn't have been an issue :D)

Over at Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge this weeks theme is torn paper. I had a lot of fun doing it previously and this card needed something else so I stamped.. tore.. colored (faded jeans) and then voila! The butterfly just makes it. I did the butterfly the same way I did the background of the other card. Inked the craft sheet sprayed and dragged. You can't really tell but the little white spots on the butterfly have stickles I added with a pin.

This card will make its way into Aunt Janet's box. (We the ladies in our family these last couple of years have gotten together at Christmas time making cards for Aunt Janet to use during the year... that is what got me started on this card making adventure.)

Feel free to chime in with idea's or suggestions. I'm a big girl I can take it. Mom's trained me right. :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fruity Colors

Sorry! I've been busy... meetings upon meetings upon meetings. Thankfully things are slowing down and I'll be able to craft more often. When I have crafted I didn't have enough time to finish an actual project, thankfully last night I was able to finish two cards.

This is one of the cards I've been working on these past few days... my Mother in Law's birthday card. Her birthday is next week however I will be at girls camp. Fortunately or unfortunately I've set a standard with her cards and needed to makes sure this was done before I go.

I used this weeks Simon Says Stamps challenge and Lily Pad Cards as inspiration. Just so you know if you don't already.. Simon Says Stamp is a great place to purchase items. The really good news is their contests are random winners and you can win $50 in product! Your skill matter it not :D It would be silly not to enter.

This week the inspiration is a photo:

The literal person I am really wanted to break out with fruit stamps and use those however I don't own any.... perhaps that could change if I win. I took the colors and used a new (at least new for me) Penny Black Stamp set and created this:

I used Copic's YG05, YG07, G28, YR15, Y19, R27, R29 to color the image. Cut it out and picked a cherry red floss for the bow. The sentiment is from Hero Arts.. I just couldn't figure out a way to make it look good. The newest challenge at Lily Pad Cards is ribbon so I tried stamping on that and it came out pretty cool so I used that. The down side is the ink did bleed a bit... that's what I get for not owning black StazOn. I'll be purchasing some shortly.

Stamps: To you by Penny Black, Hero Arts Find Joy and Envelope Pattern
Ink: Distress Tumbled Glass, Broken China, Faded Jean the Black ink is Versamark
Diamond Stickles are on the flowers

I hope all is well with you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

mmmm Alcohol

I don't drink, but I do love my Alcohol.. ink that is. I just love how bright the colors are and that you can color things other than paper. The last thing I am is an expert on these but what I am good at is pushing buttons and experimenting. What happens if I did....? Some of the experiments don't make it past the recycled bin but some of them turn out to be really cool, and that's how I learn.

Jennifer McGuire suggested via one of her video's buy white and color it yourself. I did just that. Bought some white ribbon and stamped away, as you have seen in my previous postings. I mentioned this to Linda over at Stamp Fever and she asked me how I did it. I told her I would go one step further and bring in samples. I kept the cards a neutral color since the focus is supposed to be on the ribbon. Here they are:

This is a great crape ribbon. (After I discovered how great it inks up I went back and bought a spool.) Then I pulled out the colored ribbons. This next card, the original ribbon color was cream.

I even stamped colored ribbon. Sorry I didn't get a picture of that. The light colored ribbons inked perfectly. I even took a dark red and inked it with green.. it came out amazing. Again, I didn't get a pic but I'm sure I'll be incorporating that into a future card at some point.

As I said before Jennifer McGuire makes the best video's. She teamed up with Two Peas In a Bucket for informative series that was a 9 week class done in the summer of 2009, just amazing! Here are all links to the alcohol video's:

Thinking Inking Alcohol ink Part 1 (part 1 of a 2 part video)

They did the series again last year here is the link to the Alcohol ink video from that series.

Feel free to chug away :D

Lawncaping Challenge #11

Woo hoo its Lawnscaping Challenge time! It's been a long 2ish weeks. Usually they do biweekly challenges however last week there was a small hiccup-Monday being the 31st.
No worries its back and this weeks challenge is CAS...aka Clean and Simple.. My favorite. :D

Here's my card:

Originally I was going to just color the Fox and leave it at that but he needed some grass.. and that ribbon was perfect! Except it covered his tail.... so I cut the tale out and slid the ribbon under it. Here's a close up of the fox:

Hind sight is 20/20.. looking at it now I should have cut his little leg out to but o well. I need to work on my Copic shading....practice makes perfect. I bet new markers would help me practice more. Good thing my birthday is coming :D The diamond stickles really show up in the close up.

Stamps used: critters in the forest and the heart is from cruising through life.
Enamel Accents were used on the nose.. black with a pin drop of white for highlight. I could have used a bigger pin drop but the last time I used Enamel Accents it made a huge huge.. huge.. mess.

Diamond stickles are on the bottom 3 hearts, Glossy Accents is in the top 2 hearts
Copics: Fox-E13, E15, E17 & E11 for the tail... Hearts-R27 (I think) Copic's are cool :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm a Winner :D

I've been perusing the card blogs for while now. A good number of them have contests and sometimes I enter. My reasons for not entering are usually a. I don't want that particular prize or b. I know I probably won't be back to that website again.

Finally I won something. Hooray! What did I win you ask? I won 6 gently used rolls of Washi tape. :D

This win is perfect for my first win. When I started this hobby I figured once I get the basic items I'll be set and I won't need to keep buying stuff. lol.. I was naive. I've come to learn this hobby is a bottomless pit that will suck me dry and I'll never be done buying stuff. There is always some new hot item/stamp/trinket/do dad.. the list goes on. Bakers twine is huge right now. Which I'm not to excited about as I have a pretty solid floss collection. I've also seen washi tape in a number of video's.

I, like most people, am on a budget so I can't run out and buy stuff all the time. That and just because everyone else has it doesn't mean I should. So when new stuff comes out I consider it before I make a spontaneous buy. I'll wait til the fad dies down and see what the truth is. Plus I've found it doesn't always work the same for me.

When Susan from Simplicity made her post about the Washi tape I had to enter.. it's a great way to try something new. I will soon be the proud owner of this tape.... I'll give it a whirl, if it doesn't work for me, as it didn't for her, I'll pass it on :D

Friday, June 3, 2011

CASE Study #42

Yea a new challenge, two actually! I've known about the first one for some time however their design isn't not my style so I enjoy the photos and move on. Yesterday morning I surfed over to CASE Study figuring I'd take a peek and surf on. That was my intention.. until I saw their Muse this month.... Jill Foster. If Yoda where a card maker he'd say: Amazing cards she does. :D

Check her card out:

Just amazing. I haven't quite figured out how she did it, not that it matters. I'm guessing acetate was involved. I plan to get to the bottom of this. I tried a few things last night to recreate this.... no luck yet. I'll keep trying. I bet I could ask but where's the fun in that.

Normally when looking at an inspirational card I would take an element or to then make it my own. I had a hard time with that this go around. I'm drawn to her card like a moth to the light. I just couldn't help but recreate.

My card:

Using Alcohol inks sailboat blue and stream I inked a piece of glossy paper. The rest is pretty straight forward:

Stamps: inkadinkadoo, and my two favorites: Close to my Heart sentiment and Antique Engravings from Hero Arts. The dye inks are Momento and Walnut Stain distress.

I discovered the Simon Says Stamp and Show challenge. This week a random challenge winner receives a 50 dollar gift card! The theme is your favorite stamps. I just have to enter this card on that challenge, as I adore those two stamp sets and my alcohol inks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm back

*blows on the hypothetical mic* is this still on?..

I haven't forgotten about the world of crafting or blogs. I've just been busy. Actually I have worked in my craft area however it wasn't for crafting, more of getting organized.

Friday was spent with my wonderful Mum who is doing an amazing job of supporting my new habit. Got lots of paper, new stamps and punches. :D Thanks Mom you're the best!

Saturday morning I had to choose between a card class or making cards at home. I choose the class. I'm so glad I did to. Not only did I learn stuff but I'm making lots of new (trouble making) friends. It's always fun to make new friends just as it's fun to poke the bear. :D Plus I got my hands on the new Tim Holtz distress cardstock! His inks are amazing, I just love them. (His designs on the other hand.. blah...I'm fully aware I'm the only one on the planet that feels this way and I'm ok with that.) My one drawback with the distress inks is finding paper to match can be a pain... not anymore. That makes me very happy.

Saturday afternoon I ended up organizing my floss. You see the dentist was disappointed, my teeth were in such good condition.. lol jk.. well sorta.. he did tell me to eat more chocolate and come back with a cavity next time. I haven't had one yet why would I start now?

Many... many .. many.. moons ago I tried my hand at cross stitch that didn't turn out so good. I can do it fine. It's the finishing part I can't do. My mind and body won't sit still that long. I have a beautiful collection of floss but it was dumped in a zip lock and tossed around all these years. Joann's had a great sale this weekend in which helped me manage my rainbow:

It took hours winding those bobbins but it was worth it. The container was only $2.50! I spent $4 dollars on plastic bobbins (it came with paper ones) and a couple of dollars rounding out my collection, I only had 3 purple. Those p colors get me every time. It's been something I've wanted to do for a long ..long.. long time. It's all pretty, let's see if I can keep it that way.

Monday was spent with family eating yummy food. I also put all my new paper away. Having read and watched how others have organized their paper this is the system I have come up with.

The cart isn't made anymore... had I known they were gonna stop making them I would have bought a second one. Disagreeable. I read/watched someplace awhile back, a women recommended taking your paper pads apart and separating the pages by color. 'You're more likely to use what you have' she said. I think she's right. As much as it kills me to take the pads apart, it opens the door for different papers to go together. If I need a red paper I go to that drawer and find all of my reds not just some of them, all of them. From there I can see what would go well with my project regardless of what pad it came from. The down side to this is if someone asked me where did you get that paper? I wouldn't be able to give specifics. Course there's always cute paper coming out so I'm ok with that.

Yesterday was spent working on girls camp. I was drafted to help the young women of my Church. It's a lot of fun, however it's a lot of work, as we are leaving in 20 days!

I'm looking forward to crafting tonight. So much crafting so little time.