Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'll be back!

It's been busy. As I previously stated I have some pretty serious camping experience with the YMCA.. I adore camp and what it does for a child is truly priceless.

A couple of years ago I said as much with the young women leaders of our church and they sucked me in to help. Which is great! Two things I love together.. church and camp what could be better?

A little back story. When I moved to Orange County I was diagnosed with Asthma.. weird.. although come to find out the more densely populated an area is the more prone to asthma people are. I love Orange County but that's another story for another day. The one thing that happens this time of year is June gloom.. its super gloomy til the afternoon. I love it as it keeps the temp down and makes the evenings perfect. My sinus on the other hand don't like the June gloom and object with a post nasal drip.

Come to find out asthma and mucus don't get along and this time last year I was pretty sick. So sick that the Dr said there was no way I could go to girls camp. :( very disappointing.

This year came around as did my post nasal drip and before anything could happen I went to the doctor.. she prescribed number of various items. (I was like an old lady at the pharmacy, something for everything) $100 later (thank goodness I have insurance) I got started on a complex routine of pills and sprays. It worked! I'm not sick this year I will be going to camp!

We leave this morning. It mean's I'll be missing out on a number of things.. the return of my husband being the biggest. (He went to Alabama for a wedding, he's been gone for almost a week now) It will be great though.

See ya next week!


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