Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm back

*blows on the hypothetical mic* is this still on?..

I haven't forgotten about the world of crafting or blogs. I've just been busy. Actually I have worked in my craft area however it wasn't for crafting, more of getting organized.

Friday was spent with my wonderful Mum who is doing an amazing job of supporting my new habit. Got lots of paper, new stamps and punches. :D Thanks Mom you're the best!

Saturday morning I had to choose between a card class or making cards at home. I choose the class. I'm so glad I did to. Not only did I learn stuff but I'm making lots of new (trouble making) friends. It's always fun to make new friends just as it's fun to poke the bear. :D Plus I got my hands on the new Tim Holtz distress cardstock! His inks are amazing, I just love them. (His designs on the other hand.. blah...I'm fully aware I'm the only one on the planet that feels this way and I'm ok with that.) My one drawback with the distress inks is finding paper to match can be a pain... not anymore. That makes me very happy.

Saturday afternoon I ended up organizing my floss. You see the dentist was disappointed, my teeth were in such good condition.. lol jk.. well sorta.. he did tell me to eat more chocolate and come back with a cavity next time. I haven't had one yet why would I start now?

Many... many .. many.. moons ago I tried my hand at cross stitch that didn't turn out so good. I can do it fine. It's the finishing part I can't do. My mind and body won't sit still that long. I have a beautiful collection of floss but it was dumped in a zip lock and tossed around all these years. Joann's had a great sale this weekend in which helped me manage my rainbow:

It took hours winding those bobbins but it was worth it. The container was only $2.50! I spent $4 dollars on plastic bobbins (it came with paper ones) and a couple of dollars rounding out my collection, I only had 3 purple. Those p colors get me every time. It's been something I've wanted to do for a long ..long.. long time. It's all pretty, let's see if I can keep it that way.

Monday was spent with family eating yummy food. I also put all my new paper away. Having read and watched how others have organized their paper this is the system I have come up with.

The cart isn't made anymore... had I known they were gonna stop making them I would have bought a second one. Disagreeable. I read/watched someplace awhile back, a women recommended taking your paper pads apart and separating the pages by color. 'You're more likely to use what you have' she said. I think she's right. As much as it kills me to take the pads apart, it opens the door for different papers to go together. If I need a red paper I go to that drawer and find all of my reds not just some of them, all of them. From there I can see what would go well with my project regardless of what pad it came from. The down side to this is if someone asked me where did you get that paper? I wouldn't be able to give specifics. Course there's always cute paper coming out so I'm ok with that.

Yesterday was spent working on girls camp. I was drafted to help the young women of my Church. It's a lot of fun, however it's a lot of work, as we are leaving in 20 days!

I'm looking forward to crafting tonight. So much crafting so little time.

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  1. You are definitely not the only person on the planet that doesn't love Tim Holtz's designs. In fact, you're not the only person in this house. :-)