Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When the Chef's Away...

I've returned! Camp was great.. long, hard, and dirty but great. My sinuses went berserk up the mountain and have sucked the life out of me though. :( Plus I left my creative desk a mess and I've done a great job of avoiding that area of the house.

It's great to be back with my hubby. He went to a wedding out of state and returned the day after I left so we were apart way to long. I of coursed missed him however I had a great time hitting all the restaurants he won't go to. Spent way too much money doing it, however it was a fun tasty vacation. Where did I go you ask?

First up Disneyland. I swore I wouldn't eat out side of the Blue Bayou however the Hungry Bear Restaurant had been remolded so I gave it a whirl. I'm surprised to say it was pretty good for overpriced theme park food. The sweet potato fries were perfect, the sandwich was a little dry but eh it's theme park food. I may actually spend my money there again.

Thursday night was Mexi Casa Let me just say you can tell the level of food by its patrons.. I mean.. if you go to a Chinese food restaurant and lots of Chinese people are there, you know your in the right place. The patrons that frequent Mexi Casa.. are older Non-Mexicans. It's very very VERY American-ized food. It's yummy and the best part is the most expensive thing on the menu is $6.00.

Friday night was Pasta Connection ahhh I just love their spinach ravioli... just delicious. Plus they sell South American stuff like Yerba Mate. My goal was to save some for lunch the next day but it keep calling my name so I finished it off that night.

Originally I said I wanted pancakes however I found out from some great food friends of ours the best place for breakfast is the Pancake House. Which is only open in the mornings. I ended up getting Black Angus. The waitress wasn't in the best of moods, she was decent but when I asked if the Ocean Mist artichokes were sprayed with ocean mist.. she didn't find it very funny. Dk would have laughed. She then explained it was the salt they used blah blah blah.... I called Dk and asked him.... come to find out Ocean Mist is a brand. The steak was prepared perfectly, however Dk's pan seared stakes are far better. It was way to much money for the amount of food. It was good but not that good. I won't be spending my money there. I hope your proud of yourself Dk.

Lastly was Sizzler. You have to understand Sizzler was a staple growing up. My grandparents adored it. They even had their 50th wedding anniversary there. When my grandfather died we had his memorial there. We would even find the local Sizzlers while on vacation. It's a big deal for us. I grabbed my bff Sarah and we went. I went with a... just go for the idea of it.. not for the food mentality and I was shocked with everything. Just loved it. For 11 dollars we got essentially 3 meals! They have a value meal that comes with all you can eat salad so we packed up our plates and only ate from the salad bar. Awesome leftovers. I will most definitely be going there again.

I am happy to report I signed up for the summer card camp :) lots of random drawings. I need to kick this sinus issue quick there's lots to do. Hopefully the creativity will kick in soon.

It's good to be home and eating Dk's cooking again.

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  1. I'm craving pancakes now. I just realized a little bit ago that I never did get around to eating dinner tonight. Oops!

    That waitress at Black Angus was really blah. I wasn't impressed.