Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm a Winner :D

I've been perusing the card blogs for while now. A good number of them have contests and sometimes I enter. My reasons for not entering are usually a. I don't want that particular prize or b. I know I probably won't be back to that website again.

Finally I won something. Hooray! What did I win you ask? I won 6 gently used rolls of Washi tape. :D

This win is perfect for my first win. When I started this hobby I figured once I get the basic items I'll be set and I won't need to keep buying stuff. lol.. I was naive. I've come to learn this hobby is a bottomless pit that will suck me dry and I'll never be done buying stuff. There is always some new hot item/stamp/trinket/do dad.. the list goes on. Bakers twine is huge right now. Which I'm not to excited about as I have a pretty solid floss collection. I've also seen washi tape in a number of video's.

I, like most people, am on a budget so I can't run out and buy stuff all the time. That and just because everyone else has it doesn't mean I should. So when new stuff comes out I consider it before I make a spontaneous buy. I'll wait til the fad dies down and see what the truth is. Plus I've found it doesn't always work the same for me.

When Susan from Simplicity made her post about the Washi tape I had to enter.. it's a great way to try something new. I will soon be the proud owner of this tape.... I'll give it a whirl, if it doesn't work for me, as it didn't for her, I'll pass it on :D

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  1. Yay! Congrats on the win! Washi tape is really cute! I love the look of it, have yet to try it myself, have only seen it though!