Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Crazy Idea!

Man time flies. I've been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks now. 

A little background.. I adore decorating, I don't always get the chance but I love doing it. For years now we have been working/improving upon a garland that goes up one pillar across the room and down the other pillar that we hang during the holidays. It.looks.awesome. Everyone who walks into our home comments on it. The other thing we love about it is it's the perfect amount of light for late night tv watching. If you haven't guessed it I adore the garland. It's the first thing to go up and the last thing to come down. 

I hate taking it down. The room always has this empty feeling once it's gone and I spend the next 10 months longing for it. Here it was the middle of January and I just couldn't bring myself to pull it down. Then it's the last week of January and I knew I had to do something but I just can't bring myself to pull it down. After chatting with a few friends I decided to leave it up year round. So here I am with this crazy idea at the end of January trying to figure out how to bring the topic up to Decay. (Yes we have been married 5 years however I still have no idea what goes though his head and this was a crazy idea. Plus it's his house to and I want him to feel comfortable... blah blah blah anywho I digress) 

The topic went kinda like this... "Decay I was thinking of leaving the garland up year round and decorating it according to the seasons/holidays what do you think?" (I was ready to do some serious convincing.)  His response... That's an awesome idea! I thought... really? Sweet!   So I spent a few days cutting hearts out using the Hero Arts heart dies from double sided paper from My minds eye and decorating them accordingly. This is what I came up with: 

A close up of one heart:

There are 16 large hearts in total. As the garland separates the living room from the dining room they have to be two sided. :D My Bff and I did a craft store run and got 3 red glitter hearts (you can't really see them in the photo). As this is the first year it's kinda sparse but that's ok, I'll come up with some other cool stuff to add to it next year. 

I'll be sure to take photos of the other holidays/seasons. I did get some cute Easter stuff that I'm excited about. 

Happy Valentines day!