Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Days

Funny how everything happens all at the same time. Thankfully it's all good stuff. Well mostly.. stupid car.

The first highlight: Today is my 4th wedding anniversary. :D It's been an awesome 4 years. We have the best relationship, plus he's really cool and stuff. I could go on but I'll spare you.. we are happy and that's what matters.

We'll be having a romantic dinner at home with a yummy box of pizza. You see like most couples on their wedding day we didn't get much to eat. So on the way to the hotel we stopped and got pizza. Our first stop was at the gas station in order to clean off the car (some genius thought it would be funny to put shaving cream on my paint). It's been a fun tradition getting pizza every anniversary. It'll be fun to share that with the kids to.... whenever they get down here. I did marry into a family of procrastinators.. figures my kids would do the same. :D

This best sums up the day:

My dress is/was a custom dress. John did a fantastic job. We had an Asian themed wedding lol long story really. It came out really awesome. Funny how when you let the Lord decide things it's so much better. :D

To top that off I found out this morning I won the Hero Arts contest! Here's the winning card:

Oh wow so very happy about that. It's confirmation I'm doing the right thing. Plus $50 in Hero Arts stuff, I can't say no to that!

It's barely noon and I'm already pretty high. I have an appointment with one of the area leaders with my church later today, that should be interesting.

I hope all is well with you.



  1. I love your blog!! =) Happy Anniversary, the pizza's a fun tradition!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And super cute card! Good job on both counts. :)