Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lawncaping Challenge #18

It's that time again!

Text.. I spent a few days trying to figure this one out. It came out pretty cool. I won a set and I had to use it but I had a heck of time trying to come up with something different. Then I got a copy of a letter from our cousin. He's on his mission and it sounds like hes having the time of his life to. I'm quite envious. He will be an amazing architect one day and with my drafting background this is what I created:

I need to work on my drafting hand writing.. I'm a bit rusty but that's ok. I drew in the blue border the old fashioned way with a ruler and a pencil. Ick.. I hated doing it in class. The arrow and lines are by hand as well. Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

I've decided to try out a new tool that links all the pics of what I used so here goes:


  1. Love this, Katie! Amazing creativity! Great job with the link tool, too.

  2. I think it is brilliant. Love your unique take on this challenge! I have never seen anything like it. LOVE! LOVE LOVE!

  3. Cute card, but now you have me thinking of work! At least it's friday and I don't have to go back to drafting until Monday :) I miss hand drawing sometimes.