Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's in a Name?

A different sort of post for you today. The folks over at Lily Pad are having a name their mascot contest. I was planning on entering without telling my followers (all 10 of you yea!) however Dk insisted that I explain my idea. He's right I can be obscure.

Here is their mascot:

The name I came up with:

Azure Loki

Azure - 2a: the blue color of the clear sky 2b: the heraldic color blue
Loki - the god of mischief (Norse Mythology)

He's what I call a pretty blue and all of his posts have been crafty, sneaky and silly. I find the name to be fitting. It has a "Hollywood" ring to it. Your welcome to give the contest a try.

Lets just hope he's not like his cousin the Blue Poison Dart Frog.

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