Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lawncaping Challenge #10

Woo Hoo! Another Lawnsacaping challenge :D Yea.. This challenge makes me happy. At least that was until I saw the theme... polka dots.. polka dots? Really? Don't get me wrong they have their place but dots and I don't usually get along. They don't appeal to my simple nature.

(Oops I forgot to add their pic, here is their inspirational photo)

Not wanting to miss this challenge, as it is my favorite, I started a card and it just wouldn't come together. I spent hours on it and still it was blah and unfinished. I keep hitting that creative "brick wall". Something I learned a long time ago is to just walk away, so I set it aside figuring I'd get back to it with fresh eyes and that creative spark would ignite.

Nope... not for 2 days.. nothing. Kind of frustrating of all the challenges I wanted to partake in this was one of them. Perhaps new stamps will help. lol :D This past Thursday was Lawn Fawns new summer release. Oh joy 9 new stamp sets and one set I felt was made just for me.

You see awhile back my sister in law asked me to make her some get well cards. She also wanted me to make some cards that said "Wishing you a speedy recovery". I found Get Well everywhere but nothing about speedy recovery. I expressed my frustration to a local shop keeper, who will not be named, and she said.. Lawn Fawn makes one of those.. NO they don't I assure you I know their catalog and there's nothing there. Yes there is.. let me show you. The stars aligned and I was shown the 9 new sets that were slated to come out the following month. Of course I ordered some and patiently waited with my mouth shut.

I went to pick up my new stamps and while I was there I checked out all the poka dot stuff, got some paper, ribbon and made my trip home. Playing with the new stamps the juices exploded, I had so much fun putting this card together I couldn't sleep. I just adore this card. Initially I made it for my BFF who needs a congrats card with blue and orange however I love this card so much I can't let it go. Sorry Sarah you're not getting this one.

As I said blue and orange where the main focus (local university colors) so I started with the blue paper. Initially I was going to have a blue card but it needed a pop so using Jenni Bowlin paint dobbers I made a border for the front card piece.

As I like to keep things simple I struggled with using the poke a dot ribbon. I didn't want to overdo it, plus the brown ribbon wasn't enough so I layered it with yellow and bam! My piece de resistance:

I just love that boarder and those pin wheels. I could have gone with a safer bet using a plain ribbon but that brown is just perfect. It's a fun card that makes my heart ecstatic.



  1. Such a fun and sweet card, Katie! LOVE the polka dotted clouds and pinwheels are my fav for summertime!

  2. Katie, I am so glad that you took a chance and played in along in a challenge that did just that. Challenge yourself and this card is spectacular. I have been wanting to make dots with my JB Paint Dabbers for quite some time, and your card just pushed me over the edge. I must do it now! And your polka dotted clouds are delicious! I wish clouds looked like that in real life! And the colors of your pinwheels paired with your card stock and ribbon is a fabulous choice! I would have never guessed in a million years you struggled with this card! It turned out FABULOUSLY! Thank you so much for playing along with us and supporting our challenge! It means the world to me!

  3. That's okay, Katie - I understand since this is an absolutely fun card!!! Although, my friend definitely loved the card you did make for her and commented that using her school colors was amazing!

  4. So cute! Turned out really good! That's why you walk away.

  5. This card is ultra cool! I love your paint dabber background so much! I must try that soon. I love how this came out. It's bright, but the navy keeps it from going too far. It's perfect. Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping!

  6. Such great colors on the polkadots on your card! TFS =)