Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Start of Something New

Me blogging? What has the world come to?

I wasn't been a big fan of blogs, they seemed to be a fuel for the look at me's. Which if you know me I am not one of those. Of course the family blogs are important they show us into worlds we wouldn't normally be a part of. Recently I discovered the world of "crafty" blogs. Blog's set up to teach and show how one created something cool like a card, flower or remote controlled satellite watching our every move. Ok ok I was exaggerating with that last one. The point is I have seen a real purpose for some of these blog things and have decided to take the plunge.

As I'm still a "kid" who has yet to figure out what she's gonna be when she grows up I have yet to see the direction of this blog. My hobbies and interests have a tendency to change. My current interest is card making, sparked by a wonderful gift from the Mother-in-law. You see I received a Cricut for Christmas.

Great! That's awesome! Is how I felt when I got it, however those feelings quickly turned into.. er what is it exactly? And most importantly what do I do with it? Not wanting to disappoint I turned to YouTube. (If you ever need to learn about how to do something check YouTube, although let me just say not all video's are created equal.) YouTube is great however I needed more instruction, a live body I could question. After finding some local stamp/scrapbooking shops I signed up for classes. That was a few months ago now. Since then I've had a number of people in the card world ask me to start a blog and so here we are.

A new adventure...


  1. It's an adventure baby! I'm proud of you and your mad skills. Now we just gotta build you a light box/set/rig whatever so you can photograph your work. Sounds like I found my activity this evening.

  2. Hooray for starting something new! Whohoooo! You will have sooo much fun changing the blog up and tweaking it, it really will become addicting! And you'll learn so much a long the way too! Enjoy! I've added you to my blog roll!