Saturday, May 7, 2011

I less than three Lawn Fawn

A few months ago I started making cards and have been having a great time doing it. I’ve met some great people and have learned tons. Being on a pretty tight budget and starting a new hobby I have to be very careful how I purchase items. The large craft chains have amazing prices that allowed me to purchase the basics at a steal. Their selection of particular brands wasn’t the best so I started looking at the local stores. My local home store, as I like to think of them Stamp Fever, has a nice little selection.

So here I am on a budget and can only get the basic’s so spending $15 on a set of stamps was not something I was excited about. I could by stamps at half the price at one of those chains. But I liked the look of the Lawn Fawn sets and I really needed some sentiments, so I got a set.

I broke open the package and already I felt something different. The stamps felt.. dare I say elegant. They have a weight to them. I mounted them and stamped… Oh My Goodness I was in love they are crisp and clean…. anywho I could go on. A wise man said.. “Buy quality”….. that lessoned was learned!

In my most recent class our instructor gave us homework. Mind you I hated homework growing up. Home was a time to do home stuff, aka play, and school was a time for doing school stuff. I would have much preferred a longer school day. Long story short I wasn’t to happy about being given homework but then at the same time, it was something to do with cards so it couldn’t have been that bad. The homework given was enter a contest …. a contest?! Trust me I am the least competitive person on the planet. I wouldn’t do my best as a kid, and still don’t really, just because it’s much more important that the other person win. Winning gives confidence and that is the last thing I needed, I digress... needless to say I did as I was told.

Let me just say this contest thing is kinda cool, it gives me direction and gives me an opportunity to enter into win free stuff, being on a tight budget free is good. Plus I don’t know who I’m competing against so I won't feel bad If I actually won. Then I found, thanks to my homework assigning teacher Nancy, there is a Lawn Fawn contest website. :D Whoo Hooo!

Two wonderful things married together makes my heart very happy. So here goes my first of hopefully many entries into the Lawnscaping Challenge. The current theme… Let’s Party. Which is exactly how I felt. The song It’s time to Party by Andrew WK kept running through my head.

My entry:

Using I think every single Lawn Fawn set I own, I stamped a white card with all the party ish sentiments using tumbled glass distress ink. I filled in the holes with other colors here and there. Balloons are always a fast and easy way to spruce up a party so I jumped into the wrapping paper bin to get ribbon. While there I found yellow tissue paper. I just love how the tissue paper is a little transparent. It needed something a little more so I stamped up some flags on I believe Basic Gray Lauderdale paper cut them out, and glued them on.

Nancy, I think you’ve created a monster.


Lawn Fawn sets used:

Critters in the Forest, Harold's Abc's Sophies Sentiments, fly free, lunar lights, and Bannerific


  1. Cute card, Katie. Ummm. . . .the person that taught you to "buy quality" wouldn't happen to be someone I know, would it?? Just saw the price tag on the tuna he bought :-)!

  2. cute card..I hope you win...quality is always important in crafting definitely!!!! Other times I have found it to be less important.

  3. well anonymous I don't know you. Lol sorry I couldn't help it. Actually its a President Hinckley talk.

  4. Such a cute, festive card! A party card indeed! Love how you incorporated so many sets into one creation! :) Thanks for joining us at Lawnscaping! We hope to see you again!!!

  5. Such a fun, festive card! love that you added the curly ribbon - it looks amazing =) TFS!

  6. Love the card Katie!! Card making is awesome and sends a hug especially made by you! Just a note: watch wallpaper sample books when they are on sale. You get alot of great paper at a low price!! I recently bought several books that a goingoutofbusiness sale and am set for a loonnngg time with some cool paper!!! Also, am enjoying playing with velum for stamping on and accenting cards with photos!! Happy playing!!!

  7. Super cute & FUN!! Lawn Fawn is the bestest!!!

  8. Very cute and fun card! And you're right, I felt the same way when I started stamping last year. I got so used to buying cheap stamps with coupons at the big chain stores and making due with that. But once I tried Lawn Fawn, I immediately noticed the HUGE difference in quality. Last weekend I tried to stamp with one of those old stamp sets, and I just couldn't get it to stamp clean for the life of me! Lawn Fawn stamps have spoiled me now! They're worth every single penny. Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping!

  9. Cute! Thanks for joining us in the Lawnscaping Challenge! :)