Friday, May 20, 2011

One Layer Wednesday #54

In my web surfing I stumbled upon a new card website called Simplicity. A card blog designed around keeping things simple. My favorite philosophy.. less is more.

Their challenge is one layer.. yah one layer you can't add additional papers... nothing. Oh wow.. this got the mind thinking. The theme is make a baby card based off a some really cool cakes.

Mine didn't quite turn out to look like the cakes but I did create something sweet that I won't be embarrassed to give away.

My creative brain is starting to really kick into gear now, this was the first card I created that was actually what I envisioned. I'm proud about that. Never have I been able to get what I'm thinking out on paper, so needless to say I'm excited. Who knew this practicing thing really works?

Course this begs the question.. Do we want what I'm thinking down on paper?


  1. Such a pretty card and great to see a new face playing along too. These OL cards certainly get you thinking :)
    Jenny x

  2. I often find that what's in my head doesn't exactly make it to the paper....but I keep trying! Kudos to you for getting what you were imagining!! Lovely card and so perfect for a new little girl!!

  3. That's really pretty. What a great challenge.

    And's interesting what happens when we practice. I learn that all the time!

  4. Very sweet! Love the delicate, soft colors!