Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted much these last few days. I have made a few cards however my photos came out a little blurry and I know enough about photography to be too embarrassed to post those. It doesn't help my hubby has a degree in photography. I digress.

I have been thinking more and more about cards in my daily activities. Sometimes not for the best but I'm being creative so that's the plus. Let me elaborate.

My hubby is a night owl and I am not. I knew this going into the relationship. When we were engaged a good friend, who had been married a long time, gave me some advice. She and her husband had some issues previously and the counselor stated to them that not going to bed at the same time was straining their relationship. Now I am no expert, I have no idea why they suggested that or the reasoning behind it. What I did know is I wanted our marriage to start off with a good foundation so I relayed the information to Dk. Every night when I'm ready to go to bed he comes with me and stays until I'm asleep, which is usually pretty fast. We have dubbed this time as giggle time. We are happy people who laugh a lot, those precious 20 mins is filled with tons of laughter about all sorts of stuff.

So last night we were talking about my black raisin for a heart. LOL (Please understand I'm the polar opposite, and will give the shirt off my back.) Instantly a new card pops into my mind. Picture it a card with a heart on the front then on the inside a little black raisin with a sentiment something like "See what you did to me!" I could not stop laughing. Dk suggested that would make a perfect card to go with divorce papers.

At least I was being creative right?


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  1. Giggling is contagious. I can never hear what you're talking about, but frequently your giggle time makes me laugh.

    And I think you should make that card!