Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Particles vs. Practical's

You will learn pretty quick English isn't my strong suit and I would be totally lost if it were not for spell checks and a wonderful little thing called the dictionary. What I lack in other areas makes me stronger is some. Thanks to my decades of YMCA camping I have a strength in storytelling. Hopefully that will make up for all the typo's and grammar issues you find in this and all future posts.

Yes I am aware I have named my blog quark and crazy as it sounds it was intentional. You see one of my other strengths is to watch and match exactly what I see. When I was little I was told not once but twice in 2 different sports I would go extremely far if I choose to. Merely because I would watch a more advanced student and could mimic it exactly. (I am eternally grateful my mother didn't encourage the sports lifestyle.) The same goes with sounds. I can mimic sounds exactly as heard. In my many travels people would be shocked at how good I could speak a foreign language. Having only a remote clue as to what was being said I could respond as if I grew up in that part of the world. It's a wonderful strength to have when in foreign country, here in my own not so much.

If someone says adventually instead of eventually that's what I pick up and I am forever cursed with saying the word incorrectly. As you can imagine that can get me into trouble. So when Dk and I were dating and I did something kinda kooky.. which I am known to do. Who knows what it was, I do all sorts of random stuff... Anywho I chocked it up to it being a quark. I was then corrected and told by my all knowing boyfriend its quirk.

OH er ah oops ha ha

Now I learned it as quark and teaching a middle aged dog to relearn a trick isn't the easiest of things. So between Dk and I we still use the word quark. I had a board member correct me once, since then I try to be extra careful in public. I also try to check words as I use them just to make sure I'm saying exactly what I think I'm saying.

The best example of this is Dk and I enjoyed a show last summer called The Choir. I being the inquisitive person I am, decided to look the choir director up on the internet. I start typing Gariff that is what the youth called him ergo that's this name. Instantly I hear laughter.. what did I miss? It's Gareth not Gariff.

Oh lol those particles will get ya every time!


Quarks : any of several elementary particles that are postulated to come in pairs (as in the up and down varieties) of similar mass with one member having a charge of +23 and the other a charge of −13 and are held to make up hadrons

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  1. Yeah, that was a funny night. I just remember thinking, "wait, did she just say quark?" And like most things, it stuck. I wouldn't have it any other way baby.