Friday, January 13, 2012

Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show

So like all industries the crafting world has CHA a bi year convention where all the new stuff is released and shown off. I've never been one for conventions.... until now. I would love love love to go however like most conventions of this nature it's not open to the public.

What makes this convention so bitter sweet it's within walking distance of my house. Yep it's at the Anaheim Convention Center. I've put a few feelers out so hopefully a ticket may drop from above.  It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so close. I have a few options. I could wait in the shadows and tackle someone with a badge.... Smooth talk my way in... or pose as a deliver person.

Thankfully there are a couple of groups that will post to YouTube. Good news is next year I'll have the hook up and will be able to go. I'll tell you about that in March. :D

Until then I'm out of luck. As there are a number of new crafting friends flying in for this wonderful occasion I have been cleared with the hubby to feed them. Any of you out of towners would like a home cooked meal let me know. I won't be Michelin star but it will 100x better then fast food and better then the chain places. Unfortunately we don't have a spare room you could use sorry were not that cool.

All the family and friends will tell ya Dk knows what he's doing in the Kitchen. I promise I won't steal our badge when your over.

Happy weekend to ya,


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  1. Katie, I hope you get to go! That would be SO fun. Good luck scoring a ticket. =)