Monday, December 19, 2011

Tree Trimming

Hello and welcome,

Only a few days left until Christmas. I adore Christmas, it's my favorite holiday. Sorry I've been gone as of late. I've been busy.. decorating the inside.. the outside.. the tree. Then there's all the other fun stuff... shopping ...wrapping... the Hero Arts 2012 catalog party. :D  (Which was a ton of fun.)

I'm sorry I don't have a craft photo to share with you. I've crafted I just haven't had a chance to finish and/or take photos. Hopefully soon. :D

I decided to add a photo of our bonsai'd tree. No it's not really bonsai'd .. that would be awesome! It would cost thousands of dollars but man would that be cool. We call it bonzi'd because well we have some large ornaments that just don't fit... so a few years ago we took some shears and pruned and trimmed to what we like. We'd cut out any dense patches trim here and there.... ta da.. this is this years creation:

Yes that is a Godzilla at the top of the tree. The tree topper has dare I say been some contention. We haven't settled on one yet. Well to be honest Dk is planning on making a death star and putting that on the top... I'm really surprised that hasn't been created yet. Until then I bought a star a few years ago as it needed something however DK helped decorate the tree this year and refused to put it on. Instead he put Godzilla, the lumber jack waving to you.

Both of our family's are ornament collectors so we came into the marriage with a solid collection. Plus we have bought our own ornaments on special occasions..when we got engaged, decorations from the wedding.... honeymoon that kind of thing.

As an FYI I have my MRI and CT Angiogram today. Hopefully we will find some answers.

I hope your have a great Holiday Season!


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  1. Yes, the Hero Arts party at Stamp Fever was great. It was great to meet you, as well. I had asked you about how to stamp with the Japanese doll set from Hero Arts (sorry, I don't have a pic right here). I did stamp on white and then on the color paper, cut out the doll's outfit and glued it to the doll. Embellished, etc. Turned out really well! Have yet to add it to a card.... : )