Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our 8 cow woman

A little background... Dk's little brother... Devan has been dating an awesome young woman Jennifer. We adore her and it seems things are heading the right direction for them. They have joked they are getting married in 2013 however we've been pushing for 2012... I digress.. Anywho. I have to get her a gift.. cuz she's really cool and as of course were trying to capture her with our bribes... er I mean gifts.

So come to find out her favorite animal is a cow... why that is I don't know. I love the food they give us but that's about it. Course there are some cultures that adore cows so she's not alone. The second I heard she loved cows I had to get the critters on the farm set from Lawn Fawn... it is a cute cow. 

*Lawn Fawn CRITTERS ON THE FARM Clear Stamps   

More background. I am LDS and happy to admit it. Our church created an awesome video in the late 60's focusing on building self worth in others.  Quick summation it takes place in the south pacific and the local man to be had buys a wife for 8 cows...which has never happened before and not just any woman Mahanna the local shy girl who spends most of her time in the trees. It's a great flick and thankfully I found the full video for you. It's 23 mins long but so worth it. 

Here's the video link:  Johnny Lingo It's got little pop-up of info since a few of you have already seen it. :D 

Knowing Jenn loves cows I made her a tag.. with 8 cows of course. Here's the tag:

I think I'll address it to: Mrs. 2012

Copic's and Memento black ink were used. Nice and simple.



  1. hehe! This made me laugh when were were joking about it before it's creation.

  2. love it!!! I need to hear more about Jennifer-when they came up for Conference I didn't get any one-on-one time with him...Mrs. 2012 sounds perfect :)

  3. Haha I love this! You guys are awesome! :)