Thursday, December 22, 2011

Test of Faith

I'm sorry I haven't written in a few days. I have to be honest I've not really been in the mood. The Holiday's are so much fun.. and my what I call my adult add likes to kick in. All those pretty lights are a distraction. :D

It's been more than that because I don't have add I really can focus. I've been kinda.. I don't want to say depressed that's not quite true.. worried. I had some major testing done on Monday.. essentially 2 MRI's and a CT Angiogram.

The nurse, Barbara, had no interest in being there. When she found out I had already had an MRA she argued with the other nurse.."What's the point? Why are we doing this?" Then she when on grilling me about pregnancy trying to find every excuse to not do the test. Woman, your a tech not a doctor do what your paid to do or find another profession. Then they, I had two nurses.. the mean one, Barbara, and the nice one who's name I don't remember start grilling me on having MS (Multiple Sclerosis). "WHAT?" I exclaimed. I then asked them does the Dr. think I have MS? .. "well he wants us to rule it out." Then they immediate shove my head into a giant doughnut:

I was left alone to my thoughts, deep down I know I didn't have MS. Heavenly Father has always prepared me for the big stuff in life he wouldn't shock me with this now. He's never said hey your gonna be in an accident today... it more like prepare yourself something... I won't tell you what...cuz where's the fun in that. lol But to lie there thinking of the burden I was about to become to my husband and family was not fun, on top of that I wasn't allowed to move. I knocked myself out of  that funk pretty quick. Mulling on negative thoughts is never a good idea. I starting thinking of how grateful I am that I have such an amazing family and Church. I would never be alone and all would be great. I felt tons better. Besides deep down I knew it wasn't true. The last couple of days I'd only discuss the idea with a handful of folks..David and our Parents. There was no need to get every one else worried.

The mean Nurse made a mess of my arm in putting in the IV (I'll spare you the pic of the bruise.) They had to inject a contrast into my blood stream in order to take photos. Well she conveniently forgot to mention how it would feel. What felt like in 2 seconds I'm burning up on the inside. I could feel this rush into everything.. ears.. toes.. lady parts and as it sat there it got hotter and hotter. Then I'm thinking perhaps that's the MS. lol  (I'm so glad I can laugh about this now) Afterwords she asked how I was doing.. fine except that I'm on fire every where.. oh yeah that's normal. Next time say something.. that's kinda important information.

The MRI was with the nice nurse, that was 40 mins in a MRI machine. DK give me a blessing (A special prayer) so that I would be calm.. it worked. lol there was one point the whole machine would shake.. as if a T-Rex was coming it took all that I had to not smile or laugh.

Anywho.. long story short I called the Dr. office today everything is normal.. I don't have MS.. nor is there a blockage/clot.. everything is honky dory. :D I will be honest, there were tears of joy. What a relief.. time to get back to crafting. I actually made stuff and took pics I think I'll post one later today. :D no promises... I'm distracted easily these days... oooo shinny....


  1. I'm really glad everything's okay, Katie. I didn't know about the possibility of MS, but I have to admit that I was kind of worried, too.

  2. What a frightening experience! I am glad the tests were normal. I encourage you to give feedback about your experience with the nurse; that is really unacceptable.

  3. How scary. I am glad the results were normal. And speaking from someone whose family is the hospital business, you need to report that nurse stat! That is absolutely unacceptable and I am sure your doctor would be appalled at her behavior. Seriously, unacceptable.