Saturday, December 10, 2011

An excited state or condition...

What has me so excited you ask. Why it's the 2012 Hero Arts catalog:

I love Hero Arts, they have great products with a great selection. The 2012 catalog sneak peak starts tomorrow!!! ahhhhhh I'm really excited.. it's my first catalog release so I'm allowed to be excited this one time right?

For a few weeks now they have been promoting their catalog partys. How awesome.. to see what's in store for the next year.. happy days. The best part is my home store is having a party ...the downside is it's next week :( The catolog comes out tomorrow but we have to wait a week. There are some good reasons why that is and I'm not trying to argue those. But after the phenomenal blog hop Hero Arts put on today I can't wait another week. I've not been one to handle anticipation to well.

With that said.... I'm sorry Stamp Fever.. I'm going to another store.

As my husband is working and this is my free Saturday.(I get one each month).. I'm taking a mini road trip (30 min drive) to Monrovia. The owner of Pages from the Heart is allowing me to check out her catalog. 'First one's free' she said (lol jk).

I love you Stamp Fever, I really really really do.. your my home. Your everything I want in a store but I have to get a I mean look. I hope this doesn't ruin our relationship. I promise I will continue to order everything though you... at least with everything you can get.  I'll still use Simon Says Stamp for all the things you don't sell.

Hi my name is Katie and I have a stamping addiction.


  1. My drive is around 1 hour to the nearest Archivers where I'll be checking out the 2012 catalogue. Happy Saturday!

  2. you're forgiven, but only because i {heart} you!

  3. HAHA you are too funny! So impatient!