Saturday, December 3, 2011


Sympathy cards :(

What got me started on this journey of card making was a family activity. The ladies get together and made some cards for Aunt Janet. {Side note... I saw one of the cards I made from last year... om goodness it was awful.. man have I come along way.} The plan this year is to pull from my stash and we'll sit around and only make Christmas cards for her. In order to make sure she has a complete set I asked what she needed... sympathy cards.. I've been putting off doing them. Here's my first.. I have a few more to make in the next few weeks. 

I was excited to try sticky back canvas.. very cool... I used alcohol ink on it. I colored it then frayed it.. not a good idea.. fray it first then color it. This is an atc canvas, they are cheaper then the larger pieces. Cheaper is good when I'm trying something new. :D  

Jennifer McGuire did some great video's about sticky back canvas and paint:

And here is a great video she did using alcohol inks:

The middle card in the video is what I was aiming for. Not bad for a first try.. not to self... review the video before trying lol. 

The paper is one of those super cheap deals from the craft store as is the twine. The flowers and sentiment is from Hero Arts With Sympathy


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  1. I really like this card. You know sympathy cards are so hard to make. You'll be surprised at how many page views this card gets. A lot of people look for inspiration and you've definately provided it!