Monday, December 5, 2011

Eye Update

I saw a neurologist today. Quite a character he was in army green scrubs with boots to match. An older guy, I could easily picture him at a 60's protest. He's asking if I smoked, drank or do drugs.. nope.. "that's the problem your board" he said. lol  We're gonna hit it off just fine. :D

He agreed with the eye doc and my primary doc.. it's blah blah blah blah.. (I have yet to learn the term. I'm usually really good at learning the medical stuff to.) For those of you who haven't read my previous post's 4 times now I've woken up to temporary blindness in one eye. Essentially I'm having mini strokes in that eye.. he's really surprised though that it only happens at night. Anywho, I've been charged with creating a journal and to taking my blood pressure until the tests are done and the results in. I'll be having an angiogram and a "proper MRI".

He prescribed baby aspirin. So come to find out there can be an allergic reaction with aspirin and people with asthma.. so if i start itching I need to call him immediately. lol now I keep thinking ever single itch... is that the reaction or am I just itchy? You know like when people start talking about lice then all of a sudden your head itches... like that. We've been having horrible winds here to, which makes everything dry and itchy already.

That's the latest.

In card news I've been asked to do a "card class" for the young girls at our church. That's tomorrow night. It should be fun. 2 cards in 1 hour, there should only be 6 girls it will make for a great time... hopefully. Now to create 2 cards that will take some time putting together but are not to hard. :D

Happy Monday,


The eye thing is: Amaurosis Fugax-Loss of vision in one eye due to a temporary lack of blood flow to the retina.

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