Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The First Tags of Christmas

Woo hoo Christmas.. I love giving.. the planning.. the shopping.. the conspiring. I love it all. This year is no exception. The difference this year is I've been working on my crafting skills.. which then leads to the.. where's my amazing card? I've not been one for sending out Christmas cards lol ironic isn't it. I've thought about doing the here's what every one's been up to kind of letter, but that's what Facebook is for.  When the kids come I'm sure I'll feel differently. I do love getting all the photos form the extended family. Perhaps next year we'll do that. lol course I said that last year. (last year's excuse was I didn't want/couldn't to pay postage) 

Anywho, I wanted to make something cool for people however cards wasn't a realistic option. I decided to create gift tags.Sticking to our budget we would choose an item off their wish list. In my Mother in Law's case we will end up wrapping 3 gifts for her. (I'd tell you what were getting her but she does read this periodically so you'll have to wait until after Christmas.) We ended up going slightly over budget for her but that's ok mom's are worth it. 

Kathy (Mother in law) is in love with the Hawaiian islands. She defiantly has a Polynesian heart. When I saw the new Graphic 45 new paper/stamp set I had to get it for her.  Here's her tags:

You'll notice I haven't filled in the name as of yet.. you see Dk's family doesn't just put to Kathy from Katie. They put things like To: The Polynesian at heart From: The ink lover. What's even better is when we can't figure out who it's to so we'll ask her and she'll say that's Dk's but he'll open it to find something clearly meant for his sister. Needless to say I'll be enlisting Dk's help to fill these out.

The Paper is from Graphic45 Tropical Travelogue the larger to/from is from Lawn Fawn  the others are hand written. The top one has three strips of washi tap. The middle one with the red boarder is from the matching stamp set. They were fairly easy to make as I let the paper do the work for me. :D


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  1. Oh I love these!! I do homemade gift tags each year, too, and it is so fun! much simpler than cards to send to everyone, and I still get to do the Christmas crafty time. =) I can see Kathy loving these! =)