Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What to do?

Holy smokes, I have 25 followers! This is really exciting. I will have to do something special. Any good ideas? I wouldn't mind doing a give away.. but what to give away? I know a few of you are not crafting folks. Help me come up with a good idea so we can make this happen. :D

I have a quick post for you today as I have a Dr. appointment. (see the previous post). I promise to keep you posted. I did have that weird eye thing today as I had to get up early. I think it's just my body saying what are you doing out of bed before the sun comes up? :D

I made this card for the Moxie fab trigger photo however I didn't enter it.. it happens. I got busy and oops. Oh well.

Hero Art did an amazing thing and tweeted it. Thanks Hero arts!

Here's most of what I used:

The ribbon is 2 different red from the local craft store. I was inspired by a head band a new young friend was wearing. It's easy to make.

I don't remember if I stamped with vintage photo or walnut stain. If I had to guess I'd say walnut stain but who knows.

I'm off to the doctor.


Update: They need to run tests. Yes my blood pressure is a little high however it's in the normal range. I'll having a few blood tests run. They are in the process of scheduling an MRA... that's an MRI but for the blood. The Doc thinks there may be something wrong with my circulation. Well see.

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  1. Headband... was that the one that the little girl who happens to live in our complex was wearing? Just curious baby.