Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Checked Out


As you can tell I haven't been around in the blog world. My work has the best of me. Once a year we have an annual meeting and dinner and it's always the week before Thanksgiving. I've been busying working on that. I haven't worked over time.... yet. However when I am home I'm so spent that I haven't been to excited to craft. Things will calm down and I'll get back into the swing of things.

I did manage to take Gina's class last night and the best news is I got Sarah to join me. To top it off she actually had fun and wants to do it again. :D

In other news....

The Doctor ordered two tests, the MRA, which I told you about, and an ultrasound on my neck to check my arteries. (I don't recall if I told you about that.) The Ultrasound came back normal. :D Were still waiting for the results to the MRA. Hopefully that will be good news.

It's been a good news day so far. I was "forced" to go to Disneyland this morning. (Our dinner will be there this weekend and I had to get some info for the Board). The parking folks were handing out free give away's (air fresheners). Then on my way into the office I stopped to get breakfast.. this little voice kept saying go to Carl's Jr. I pull up to find they are giving away free breakfast bisquets. Very cool.


The winner from my give away, Nichol Tran, has yet to contact me. As I said before If she doesn't by Friday I'll pick someone else. Only a couple of days left!

All in all a good day so far. Hopefully yours is going well.


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  1. I was wondering how you scored free food at Carl's Jr. Nice!