Monday, November 21, 2011

Entering Back into Society

I'm alive! Oh wow I forgot how much our annual meeting sucks the life out of me. I worked some serious overtime to. Everything went great and all is well. It's over and I expect the next few weeks to calm down. :D

Good news for you but bad news for the previous winner she didn't contact me. Let's find hope the next winner contacts me or is someone I know. Spinning the great wheel....

The winner is... #15 Jenn.. Woo Hoo!

Jenn said...

Nice! Love the burned edging. And I would LOVE to win something from Lawn Fawn! =)

I'm excited for you Jenn, and thankfully I have your phone number. As a matter of fact I'm gonna call you right now... ring ... ring.. Jenn you didn't answer your phone. I did leave a you crazy message. Hey... I know your coming out in a few months but the Discovery Center's cube has the biggest Darth Vader on it I've ever seen. I'll try and snap a picture of it for you. Perhaps that will entice your Dad to come down.

In other news the MRA results came back normal.. there was something on the ..insert technical term here... left side vessel was fuzzy it could the picture or the equipment however they can't rule it out blah blah blah. My Dr. is planning on calling a neurologist today. We'll see. I'm thinking it was a fluke thing that's over now.

I have been able to craft and it felt great. I went to take some photos however a light bulb went out. lol just my luck. I'll pick up some light bulbs on the way home.

Hope your having a great Monday!



  1. hi katie - glad you r feeling better and pray all the test stuff was a fluke. expecting my daughter and family for thanksgiving - have to clean up my card making mess so the room is habitable for normal people:) more cooking than crafting this week. have a good holiday.

  2. SwEEt!! SO excited, thanks Katie!!

  3. By the way, I'm not sure if you noticed, but you weren't nominated for one of my awards. You were nominated for TWO.