Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick Post

Wow in 3 days I went from 25 followers to 40.... thank you so much. You guys are awesome. Who knew a give away would be so productive. (For more info concerning my first giveaway see this post.)

I wanted to clarify in case anyone was wondering. As you may have noticed Decay, my awesome hubby, was the first to comment. He nor our roommate, Karen, will be entered into the drawing. Sorry Karen but your welcome to play with all my stamps any time. (If either of you are that disappointed I'll get you a set for Christmas) All other family and friends will be in the drawing just not the ones that live with me.

I knew I would get some new followers I didn't expect so many so fast. That's awesome. My second milestone I had in my mind was 50 followers. If I reach 50 before Friday I will pick 2 winners. :D

In other happy news.... for my new friends my post last month talked about this weird health issue I've had. I'm happy to say the blood tests came and everything is normal with the exception of my good cholesterol. To raise that I need to get back to exercising... That I already knew.

Now to find the motivation.


  1. hahahaha! I was actually commenting just to comment, not to enter, and I almost said something in my comment about not being eligible like all those disclaimers about friends and family and stuff.

    And you're welcome to join us anytime. :-)

  2. The lucky thing about where you are is the weather will be fabulous most days to get out and about. =) I've been trying to start running-- and the cold does NOT help with motivation. =)

  3. I WANT LAWN FAWN STAMPS!!!! grrrrrr. I'm quite upset that you SUDDENLY sprung this on me. I really wanted to win. (that was all sarcasm BTW)