Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm sorry I've been away. It's funny how life can get crazy at times. I have/had some health issues which kinda caught me by surprise. I've been debating with myself the last few days to mention it. Originally I hadn't planned on talking about it but as I type it's coming out. Since I'm an all or nothing kind of person I'm gonna spill the beans.

Last month I woke up to being blind in one eye. Oh wow did that freak me out. I have an amazing job and they are understanding when I come in late or have to go to the doctor that kind of thing. Except that morning we had a board meeting I couldn't miss. After a few mins my vision came back.. I went to work and forgot about it.

This past Thursday the same thing happened. Only this time with the prompting from my retired RN mother I called the doctor. It was time for a yearly eye exam anyways. Course mother wanted me to see an opthamologist however the optometrist said come in and she could refer me if necessary.

Good news my eyes are perfectly healthy, no problems there what so ever. There is no damage and nor will there be any damage. :D Happy Days. Then she said.. its something else probably high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes... go see your reg doc.

I've had all those tests just a few months ago and they all came back with low levels. Having a nurse for a mom I pulled out the Blood pressure machine.. yes we own one... and started taking my bp several times a day all weekend. Sure enough it's been low :D

Not to sure whats going on, we'll see. I have full faith Heavenly Father is looking out for me. Plus I have amazing friends and family if I did need anything. I will be seeing my regular doc later this week. I'll keep ya posted.

Anywho because it's Halloween so I'll share another story with you. I went to a Tupperware party.. yes they still have those. Afterwards some of us ladies stayed around and worked on scrapbooks. As neither Sarah or I had never done a scrap book before we figured the two of us would work on her's. It was slow going at first. We knocked out a few pages and it was fun. Ton's of fun actully I really enjoyed doing it. So much so that I asked her if she would let me do her Halloween pages. Here is the right page:

Here's a close up:

Oh my did I have fun doing this. I have no clue what I would scrapbook but It was fun!

Here is some of what I used:

Do have a safe Halloween!