Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Friends

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I wasn't in a craft mood. I've been putting alot of mental work on that card I'll be submitting to the publisher. Not that extra time will give me a better chance, I just want to make sure my best foot is forward. Anywho I wasn't in a crafty mood. Instead I went with DK on his supermarket run... :D

Ages ago I talked about some loot I got from a new friend. I decided to participate in a RAK swap. (I had to google...rak.. Random Act of Kindness... thank you webaverse, thank you.) I was partnered with Betty. She's awesome. We had a month to send out a gift. Betty was on it like white on rice. I felt bad as I took me a little longer to get my box out. I did order some items for her.. anywho..

Here is a pic of all the goodies she sent me:

So great of her. She hooked me up good. The one thing that I forgot to put in the photo was the blue StazOn ink. She, since then, has sent me die's and an adorable card that I just got a few days ago. I used one of her die's in the card I will be posting tomorrow. :D

Part of the RAK we were required to make something for the other person. I made Betty this card:

Simple card. One of the coolest things she gave me where these little tags so cute. I'll have to get them. I flipped it over and inked the back side and sent one of them back to her. There are 3 different rolled roses. The larger one is a bit to big for a card that would be mailed. The two smaller ones are just fine for cards :D I tried to give it a vintage feel as that's more Betty's style.

I didn't send her as much stuff however I included to new stamps, 1 being a background stamp. One of the highlights I sent to her was See's Candy. I thought it was important to send some of California's best, even if it wasn't craft related.

Making new friends is fun. :D


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  1. Bordeaux is my favorite! See's was an excellent choice to represent one of my old home states! [is Helen Grace's still around...their hot fudge...what a fond memory!] Just popped by to check out your blog! Looks like lots of fun!