Friday, October 7, 2011

The Rabbit

As promised I said I would tell you about the luggage cards. Dk's parents left to visit his sister in DC on Tuesday. I was asked to make cards to hide in their luggage just as Dk's parents had done for them when they were kids going on a trip.

Before I go on you need to understand the family joke. One Sunday before Dk and I were married, I believe we were engaged. I and Dk's Dad were in the garage, it's evening the garage faces west so the sun did a wonderful job of lighting up my skirt in ways that one would see to much. So at dinner Poppi made a point to tell me about the show I had put on. I'm a kidder and one for jokes, I can take it. (I was raised by an RN trust me I can talk about anything.) Well he went on and on with what felt like forever... honestly it was prolly only a min or two...

As I've stated in the past I have a pretty serious background with working with children. Kids are good about wanting to talk about things they shouldn't talk about so I learned to be a master at changing the subject. That is except when Dk is around he's one smart cookie and won't let me get away with it... I digress.. back to our story.

Anywho here is Poppi going on and on and on.. I had my fill so I quickly pointed out the back window yelling "Look at the rabbit!!" He stops, turns his head at the speed of light, eyes as wide as they could get... "where?!" lol oh man was that funny. We all had a good laugh. For his birthday I found a nice terracotta rabbit on clearance I had to get it for him. Then, sometime later, when they went on vacation they told us the rabbit is watching us. They come home to find their rabbit had been blind folded.

lol it even went a step further when on our honeymoon Dk found a stuffed rabbit wearing a blind fold with little eye holes cut out in his luggage. This past Christmas I was given not 1 but 2 rabbit statues for our porch. (that's a story for another day)

OK on to the cards... I made 3 mini cards:

lol can you guess what is inside the blue one? You got it:

It's the little things. Thankfully the rabbit was the last card they found. I just had to make him glow :D