Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Merry & Bright

Oh the joys of construction. There was a water leak sometime back and they finally came to fix the drywall, only to find one of the showers was leaking to... it's fixed and thankfully I don't have to pay for it.. the benefits of being a renter.

Because the first construction "dude" (he was a total surfer so the term fits) said the issue looked "abnormal" meaning there was mold. Which forced them to set up a negative air environment to fix the problem. (I told the owner our dining area looked like a scene from the X-files) Thankfully the jet engine fan is no longer required. That was awful. It really made watching the telle no fun. The bonus was I found time to craft. :D I decided to try my hand at the Hero arts make holiday cards without holiday stuff again. Here's what I created:

I'm not sold on the envelope pattern back ground. Those 2 pieces looked great together and made the kraft really plain looking so I added that pattern. I should have used a lighter color. But that's just me.

I love how that red square came out. It was done with 3 distress inks. I use the inks like I do Copic's... in pairs or in 3's. Personally I think it gives it a little bit more of a dimensional color. The text was created by spraying a stamp with water, stamping the paper then drying it quickly with the heat gun.

Here's most of what I used:

I say most only cuz I'm sure I forgot something. I usually do. If I have time I will redo this card if I do I'll show you the results, well see.

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