Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Poppy!

For some reason this post didn't go up last week as planned. There's no way it could be user error. :) here's the post..

Dk's Dad's birthday was just a week ago and of course I had to make a card.

A little background on Poppy.. to keep things simple.. he's a character. :D One of his best traits, like all good parents, is being notorious for asking Dk if he did stuff.. check the oil in the car.. plug in the portable batterie thingy... take your wife to restaurants shes likes. He's good at that. To keep him out of trouble he drives cars part time.

When I buy stamp sets I make sure I buy a set that has great pieces not just one good stamp. I can't justify 12-15 dollars for one stamp unless its a background stamp even then I have a hard time with it as mention in this post. Plus I can't afford to duplicate the same types of stamps so I try to buy sets that multiple functions.

With all that in mind I had to have this set:

That cat is just to cute to pass up plus and that car is perfect for Poppy. You've seen that cat before in this post. I have yet to use the hedge hog or the mice... I plan to shortly. With Poppy's b-day around I pulled out the stamp set and got to work:

I am falling in love with the Copic's and am grateful I was blessed with a huge assortment. You see DK has been a fan for years and years and formed a solid collection. I was quite happy when I found out Copic's and stamping go hand in hand.

My card:

I've encouraged you before to check out YouTube. Some amazing informative video's. I'll also remind you that not all video's are created equal. It's ok to shut the video off if after 10 seconds if your ready to gouge your ears out.. I do. Shut the video off not hurt my ears.

One of the folks I follow is Vicky Papaioannou she is one of the co creators of LilyPad Cards plus she has great video's. She is amazing at piecing things together. Which is what I did with the car. I colored the dog and body of the car with Copic's. Coloring the lights and tires the same way I cut them out and glued them on. Not bad for a first try.

Of course I don't have list of all the colors used, I need to be better about getting those listed for you. Sorry about that. That sentiment was just perfect. I tried doing it by hand however it wouldn't come out.. I kept getting ink on it... cutting to much off.. after the 4th failed attempt I decided to do it on the computer. I just love technology. The cutting is a bit choppy, proof of my frustration.

Happy Birthday Poppy, thanks for being a caring father who keeps us inline whether we like it or not.


  1. I just love your posts, Katie! So informative and wonderfully newsy. Loving that sweet card, the thought balloon is genius!

  2. I absolutely love this card. Great job!