Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daisy Power

I had been eyeballing this stamp for some time:

I just couldn't bring myself to get it. The background stamps are expensive but worth it, but at the same time that was a Lawn Fawn set I could get or $13 I should be saving. I kept putting the stamp back figuring I'll get next time. The day before my last stamping 101 class I went down to Stamp Fever to buy some of the little things I needed for class. I added that stamp to the pile and then at the last min put the stamp back. I really don't need to spend more money plus it was a want not a need.

I show up the next day with the items we were requested to bring. I was asked if I brought black ink... er no.. that wasn't on the list. It's a staple to every kit I was told...oh.. I'm still new at this.. sorry. Thankfully the ladies were willing to share so no worries.

Nancy being the awesome person she is give us a quiz while we were piecing our cards together. The first question I had no idea what the answer was but the second question was... What are two items you should have in your stamp kit?

My hand bolted up at the speed of light and I was called on... why scissors and black ink of I made my way up to the front of class to collect my prize. (Nancy had brought in a number of items to choose from and everyone was given something. It was really nice of her.) To my surprise there it was my stamp in the pile of prizes :D YES!

Linda at Stamp Fever asked me to create a sample for the store using the stamp since I had been talking about it for months. Here's my sample:

Simon Says Stamp has a weekly contest.. I've entered it before and last weeks theme was lemon and lavender. So I made this card and set it aside. I even took pictures and started this blog post but then the 3 day weekend came... (Happy Birthday America) and I forgot about it. It's to late to enter into that contest but I'll still take it over to the shop.

Thanks Nancy for everything. I bet the Stamping 102 class will be just as good. Bummer it doesn't start til August.



  1. That's a great stamp and I love the card!

  2. Thank you, Katie! I had such a great time teaching those classes; everyone's enthusiasm was so wonderful! I can't wait to start the next series.
    Great card sample for SF, I'm sure Linda loved it!