Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Home!

It's funny how traveling sucks the time away. I miss the family so very much but I am very happy to be home. I missed the routine of things. what did I miss most? My bathroom. I can go any time and aside from Dk I don't have to share, nor do I have to worry about how long I'm gonna be.

It was funny Dk walked in the bedroom saying.. I missed you over flowing trash can.. I missed you pile of cloths on the floor. :) Needless to say we were glad to be home. Although I was not glad to see the over flowing trash can. We were gone less than a week yet if felt like we were gone much longer. Partly because we didn't have a regular meal schedule and last night was the first night I actually had 8 hours of sleep in a row.

Now that I'm home what I miss the most is family and friends. So much fun laughing and hanging out. It's a shame family is so far away. I'm sorry guys I just can't live there.. there is that snow stuff you have to deal with plus my family is here.

It was a beautiful wedding. I didn't get pictures sorry to say I was too busy working the food table. Dk was asked to do the food and I was his sue chef... I have to give a huge shout out to the MVP of the wedding, Maddy. Oh wow did that girl work. We couldn't have done it without her. We told her we would be happy to do her wedding just as long as she discusses the foods with us in advance before she gets her heart set on something.

You see The bride choose kabobs, caprice salad on a skewer and something else which Dk explained wasn't realistic so we ended up doing a roasted red pepper humus. All the food was amazing and thankfully we had lots of help with the bizillion skewers. (Yes that's 2 food items on skewers for 300+ people.) We were happy to do it and would love to cook for her again, however if someone wants skewers for that many in the future we will politely decline.

Of course Dk got rave reviews and people were coming back for 3rds. The only thing we had left over was a ton of bread and hummus. We took the bread toasted it, ground it up and added some seasonings and made bread crumbs for the bride and groom. We brought some home for ourselves to. There was the perfect amount of everything else. And the best part was the Mother of the Bride had a group of women in charge of clean up so once our last bit of food was out we were done and able to enjoy the rest of the festivities.

Dk missed cooking so much, ironically the first thing he made when he got home was kabobs, they went perfect with that hummus. It's good to be back and hopefully in the next few days I can get back to crafting.

I try to get a souvenir when I'm out and about, a memento of the trip if you would. What did Dk and I get this trip? Why a meat injector of course. lol That was our big memento. We also picked up 3 packs of Dublin Dr. Pepper, 2 lbs of Bacon and 2 bags of Vidalia onions.

We are huge Dr. Pepper fans. In Texas, the heart land of Dr. Pepper, it is made with pure cane sugar. The stuff we get here is made with corn syrup. There is a difference. It is rare we can find Dublin Dr. Pepper here and in Utah it was there in spades. So we grabbed some.

When your husband's passion is food and shopping markets that's what you see in other areas. So when getting the beef for the wedding we found that their bacon is super thick Danish style. Again that can't be found here so we picked up some and froze it. I'm excited to try that out.

The last time we got Vidalia onions was when the bff went to Georgia and brought them home to us. If they can be transported to Utah I see no reason why they can't be transported here, we had to get 2 bags. We should start a letter writing campaign. Tonight Dk is making French onion soup. :D

On the drive home at one of our stops we did pick up a refrigerator magnet so there is that.It was a great trip and with some small changes I'd be happy to go again. Although we are pushing the family to do a reunion at Disneyland in 2 years. Then I'd have the best of both worlds family and my bathroom.


  1. Welcome home!

    I'm glad you guys had a great trip.

  2. 1. Disneyland reunion?! Sounds perfect. We'd have to wait till Daniel returned, obviously, or he would kill us.
    2. That's probably why you're pushing 2 years, huh?
    3. I'm only slightly bitter I never got to try that French Onion soup.

  3. 2 years. Sweet. We're so there. =) And if he feels like sharing that French Onion soup recipe, I'd love to know how he makes it. =)