Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best Wishes to the Happy Couple!

If you read the last post you know I'm not at home and in Utah for a wedding. Of course I had to make a card for the happy couple. The bride is amazing.. she's beautiful, smart, talented and shes grounded.. I know hard to imagine but its true. My other reasoning is she follows my blog so I'm kinda obligated lol :D

I read/saw a video something like that a while back where the presenter stated she would make wedding cards based off the invitation. Fantastic idea! Except, no offense Katrina, the invitation came void of color. The last invitation we got (the wedding Dk went to in Alabama) same thing one color with text. At least Katrina had a colored envelope. Having no idea what the wedding colors were I went with my wedding colors white, black and red.

Here is the Happy Couple's card:

The sentiment is from Close to my heart. (actually I bought it knowing I'd have some weddings in the future.) Words don't describe how much I love that font.

For gifts we usually give gift cards... having been married semi recently (almost 4 years ago) the gift cards that came in for us were awesome as was the cash. Oh my do we have loving caring and giving friends. I'm sure Katrina, as she is loved by many, will get tons of that stuff so we decided to give a very special gift. What did we give you ask? Why a proper chef's knife and cutting board of course. Complete with care and feeding instructions.

Last month I went to girls camp... my main reason for going was a lunch where the girls made their own meal. Oh wow was that some serious work however I found out that a number of the girls had never opened a can before or had even used measuring spoons so I'm glad we did it. In prepping for this event. I had to obtain supplies and I asked around for a chef's knife. I was shocked to find out that most adults had no idea what I was talking about. As I'm sure all of you know what I'm talking about this following photo is not necessary but I'm gonna add it anyways.

That is a chef's knife.. they come in various sizes and prices. This particular knife is a work horse and it's less than $30. I won't go into all the details of the care and feeding. I'll be happy to answer any questions of course.

It was a pleasure being apart of your wedding Katrina.. you were a stunning bride.

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  1. Katie, I can't wait to card craft with you! =) And fantastic idea for the gift. I'd love to have a great kitchen knife! =)