Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Dk!

I'm sure it's Sunday already for most of you as it's late here on the west coast. It's still Saturday for me.  Today was a busy day. My hubby turned 36 :D Happy birthday to him. here's the card I made for him:

Just kidding. Dk is very boy, he could care less about cards and made it clear I didn't need to make him one. I made this card for my sister in law to give out. It's cute. A woman at Church had the cutest skirt on. Her skirt was white with two different patterns on it similar to that fabulous flourish stamp. I nonchalantly took a photo of it and made this creation. I seemed to have deleted the photo. Hopefully she will ware it again soon. I'll take another pic for you. 

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day to enter into both my drawing as well as the Lily Pad drawing. I've had a huge response. I wish everyone who commented could win. My drawing ends at 12:00am pacific standard time.  I'll draw the name and post sometime late Monday morning. (PST)

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and/or a wonderful Sunday.



  1. Whoo-hoo! Love the pink/black & all those flourishes!

  2. Your card is so pretty with the pink and black. What a lovely skirt she must have been wearing and how fun to have it inspire a card! :)

  3. Great card you made!Happy B-day to your husband!