Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beef Tongue?!

O wow.. is all I can say. I've nearly doubled my followers thank you so much!

The Lily Pad birthday hop can be found here. (Don't forget to comment on that post to enter to win a stamp set)

I made this card for my Sister in law to give to her brother, my brother in law. He received a smoker for Christmas some years ago and adores smoking all kinds of stuff so she asked me to make a card with a smoking theme. I don't own any sort of stamps like that and I was swamped with a million other things so I through this card together: 

Sorry about the photo I had to take a pic and run. I did the same style for another card sometime ago, you can check that card out here. I thought the beef tongue recipe paper was a nice touch. (No, he has not smoked beef tongue)

Where did I get that paper? It's from a 1950's cookbook my grandmother gave me 20+ years ago. I'll never use it as a cookbook, for a number of reasons. 1. I don't cook because my husband is an awesome chef. B. Since then, the internet was invented and one can find anything on the internet. III. We have quite the library of cookbooks since DK's 2nd love is cooking.  Check a local used book store they will have all sorts of old books you could use in new ways. :D

The fire balls are from Lawn Fawn's Cozy Christmas stamp set. (Lawn Fawn is my all time favorite stamp company) The fireball paper is from Cosmo's Crickets Salt Air line.

I burned the edges (I did this over the kitchen sick, that paper caught on fire quick) It was looking a bit plain so I added the mmm... by hand in each corner.

Simon Says Stamps challenge this week is anything goes. They choose their winners by random draw. As 1000+ people have entered I don't expect to win but it's worth a shot.

You should give it a try if you haven't already, you have 12 hours to do so. :D



  1. Tee hee! This is so cute! :)

  2. Love the burnt edges! So pretty!

  3. What a great job, tho I hope he doesn't do tongue HaHa

  4. Katie, I am one of your new followers! I just love how clever this BBQ card is. will be scrap lifting these ideas for sure. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. It made me giggle when you said "he adores smoking all kinds of stuff." That could be taken so many ways...

  6. that's so clever! i would have burned my house down!