Friday, April 6, 2012

Coloring Gone Wild!

Lily Pad Birthday Blog hop can be found here. Only a couple days left, comment while you can! 

I haven't entered in any contests in awhile. I just needed a break. This week's Lawnscaping challenge got me all excited and the gears started turning on the thoughts of: 

Plus on Wednesday Simon Says Stamp announced their current challenge is to use your favorite tool. I went in circles... do markers count as tools? After a small discussion with the hubby I pulled out the dictionary. To my joy I read this.  

Tool: Noun 5. anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose. 

My Copic's helped me accomplish my coloring task therefor they are tools. :D and I'll also be entering this into the Simon Says Stamp challenge. I pulled out all my Lawn Fawn sets, well not all I went to grab a couple and wouldn't you know it the Store asked to borrow them. 

Here's my creation: 

What I used:

Critters in the burbs has flowers however I had no interest in cutting those out, I don't have that much patience. It was a lot of cutting. I outlined everything with the memento marker, it hides all my cutting mistakes. I highly recommend it.

Paper and copic's that's it. And I have all the numbers for you :D On a side note, Dk saw the background and said "Bob Ross would say your background needs more contrast" That was after I adhered everything down. Next time I'll add more contrast, if that's what Bob Ross suggests.

Ok here goes:

Blue background: Air brushed with B2 and B4
Grass area: Air brushed with YG17, (afterwards I used YG17 to make grass around the tree trunk)
Tree Top: G02, G05, G07, G09
Tree Trunk: E13, E17, E15, E19, E37, E47, E79 (you don't need that many I just kept playing with it)
Acorns: E11, E13, E15, E17 (that last one was just a tiny line in the shadow)
Butterfly Y15, Y17, Y38 the body was N2, N3, N4, N5, N7 (You really only need N3, N5, N7)
Bunny: W0, W1, W2, R20, R22 for the nose.
Snail: W3, W4 Shell was E7, E8, E9, 0
Flowers: R27, G09 (I stamp the leaf piece on the green grass piece and just colored it with a darker green)
Clouds: B000, and 0 (color the whole thing first then use 0 in places for the texture, B0000 would be better, note to self buy that one :D )
Spica's were used on the butterfly and flowers, they don't really show up in this pic.

I used way to many on a few items. Basically I start off really light and add colors until I like the shades. You can always add colors is my thinking.

That's my coloring. I have come along ways but I have a long ways to go. I really need to find a more advanced coloring class.

Crossing my fingers, lets see if this card's a winner!



  1. Glad to have you black! I love all the color! This is fantastic! I am so glad that after some time off, you chose to play along with us at Lawnscaping! :)

  2. Wow, what a cute and lovely card. I'm so glad you've played along with us at Lawnscaping :-) TFS

  3. oh so sweet! luv the sky) & acorns in the tree! :-)

  4. Very cute card; I love the vibrant coloring!

  5. More contrast?... Maybe. But the clouds do look happy and that was very important to Bob Ross!

  6. Such a beautifully colored card! Great job! Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping!

  7. Markers are DEFIANTLY a tool. One I can not live without. Specifically Copic markers lol but I am getting a set of Tim Holtz distress markers. A set of water based markers and a set of alcohol based markers what else could we possibly need? Great card by the way super cute. Good Luck.