Thursday, March 29, 2012


There is a fun surprise coming on Sunday. I am not gonna tell you what it is you'll have to come back to see for yourself. (And no it's not an April fools joke)

In expressing my excitement I thought I would show you the card I made for my brother in law, Dev. His birthday was this past Saturday. Here is his card: 

I colored with copic's and added some spots for more details. I used a ton of markers for the shading and  freckles. Like always I have the exact ones used written down but not with me. Not that you need the exact numbers, you should make do with what you have. For the blue one it was something like b00, b01, b02 and b04. (The last one was for the darkest shades.) The little dots are B69 something like that. I also used 0, and some darker green markers to make dots in the green monster. I put glossy accents on all the eyes to give them a bit of life however that doesn't show up in the picture.

Here's what I did use:

Come back on Sunday for the exciting post :D

As I'm in a good mood there may be some candy involved. I'm not to sure what give away though, any ideas?