Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's been a week?

Wow, where does the time go?

I've been doing more behind the scenes stuff as of late:

My classes went great, at least that's what I've been hearing. Not the biggest turn out but it was on the same day as the stamping convention so I'm grateful I had the few that I had. My next class is on the 14th :D I'll have samples ready soon. The same day as my class was the Lawn Fawn Birthday Party. Not only did I get to met Mrs. Kelly Marie herself but I got to hang out with her. I kept it together and did not geek out. (I should have been an actress :D)

My first project, with a little back ground history:

When we were looking for a place to live we decided on a two bedroom the extra being for Dk's school stuff/desk. We fell in love with our current place and moved in (That was 3 years ago). Our place is great...although there are some draw backs to a 3 story town home. Once he graduated I said move over stud muffin I'm moving in! (Crafting at the kitchen table is no bueno, at least not in our uber small dinning area) I took over the built in desk. :D The room is still 3/4 him but I do have a small section.

One of the draw backs to having a 3 story place, at least with ours, is the laundry is on the bottom floor with the living areas on the third. The fortress, previously known as Dk's fortress of solitude, being next to the laundry became over run by the laundry.We paused to actually clean the room up. Which meant I had to put stuff away and we put up the shelves we got DK almost a year ago. It's looking good! Yea for spring cleaning.

Project #2
I finally got my Copic bag set up, very happy about that. While at the scrapbooking convention we (Gina and I) stumbled upon this bad boy:

It's a bag designed to carry your Copic's in their Copic containers. I got a thumbs up from DK to get it. The booth had sold out of the 72 marker cases so I could only get the bag and figured I'd head over to Art Supply Warehouse some time in the near future. Of course I never quite made it. 

We went to WonderCon this weekend. (I'm also a gamer, it's true.) Ton's of fun. Ironically of my 3 purchases 1 was for crafting. Copic was there and had the marker cases I needed. :D Here's my collection organized:  

I adore this case. I can grab my markers any time and go and most importantly I don't have to decide on which markers I'm gonna want. I can just grab them all. :D Very very happy about that.

I have a ton of cards to make it seems everyone's birthday is in the next two weeks. I better get to work on those.


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