Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's so pretty!


I know it's been ages. I swear time goes by so much faster then it used to. If only we could slow it down some. At my husbands promptings I took some pics of my playroom for you. Last September our roommate  Karen moved out, it was a bitter sweet thing. One of the sweet items is we had a decent sized extra bedroom at our disposal. I had been crafting in my husbands fortress but it was dark and cramped. :(  So over a period of time I slowly moved everything up stairs and set up what I had. With Karen's income gone we don't have much money for all the fun extra's in life that's one of the bitter moments. We have my grandparents kitchen table that opens up to this huge 8x6 rectangle and I used that as a crafting table but it was really awkward. Then earlier this year my brother was gonna throw this awesome u shaped desk away... jackpot!!!
I talked him into bringing it over and installing it. Then I had the fun of organizing and making a home for everything. I spent hours working in the playroom... labeling separating it was Christmas for my OCD side. :D

Here are some pics for ya, the first side of the room:

The white drawer cards under the desk are from target. Of course the one I was in love with, the 7 drawer, they stopped making for ages then when they started making it again it is only in a 6 drawer option hence the two different types. I have each drawer organized by color. My copics are in these home made shelving units. Dk and I made them out of foam core. I'd love to get these bad boys from Studio solutions  but I'm not that excited to spend the 60+ dollars for them. (Target taught me buy all the ones you need up front, they may not have them again) One day I'll get them just not this day. 

The other side:

The shelving unit is called Gorm from Ikea. I got 2 units and then attached them together with extra shelves.  (The staff made it very clear it wasn't designed for that blah blah blah.. but it's attached to studs in the wall in three different locations. It's not going anywhere) The magazine holders are also from Ikea they house my clear stamps. I've been holding out for Ikea to come out with a pretty blue color but no luck yet so I'm stuck with black and white. 

All I need now is artwork on the walls and a blue ray player for the TV! 


  1. Nice craft room! So spacious and bright, and you're so organized!! Thanks for sharing Katie!

  2. It really does look so much more awesome than it did when all my crap was in there. :-)