Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's all Money

It's funny how time flies. Every day I say I'm gonna blog and yet I don't sorry about that. In February a friend of mine had a birthday. Go friends :D  Dk is awesome about wanting to be apart of the gift giving process and likes to help pick out what ever gift is in store. Which is usually very helpful...we went online and checked out her amazon wish list. Long story short we debated every item. Here's an example.. she wanted a Killers t-shirt for the concert she is going to next week however DK pointed out that at the show they will have unique shirts available so we couldn't agree on that item. What we  finally decided to give her was cash that way she could get what ever she wanted.

Because everyone knows I make cards I have no choice but to make something for her. No pressure there. I wanted to do something fancy with her twenty. YouTube had a great flower origami video which helped me make this:

Because it turned out to be pretty cool I didn't want the outside to be super awesome and the inside to be super boring and drab. Plus after all that work I didn't want to cut it apart so I created a new score mark about a half an inch above the main fold then folded the back to the front... added some decor and ta da:

The paper is from my minds eye. The green strip is American Crafts glitter tape. Let me just say it is awesome stuff! I highly recommend getting some. 

In personal news I'm still working out which I now love doing.  In February my doctor took me off both the blood pressure meds I was on. Woo hoo! Since then I had been on a weight loss plateau which is not very woo hoo and quite discouraging. The good news is I've broken through the wall and have lost another 2.8 lbs. Very Woo Hoo! 17 lbs to a major goal. :D  

Be back soon! 


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