Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 1 of CHA

It's the end of day one of winter CHA. The floor wasn't open yet but they began classes. :D I took a Tombow class called pimp my tote. Here is a pic of my tote in the creation process. 

I learned some new uses for their products and the need for a third job to buy it all! I also took a Hero Art's class. That was awesome. There was 2 hours between the two classes I sat down, had lunch and waited for one of the other design team members Lynnette. Shortly there after Shari Carroll and her cohorts walk buy. I have to be honest my inner voice was screaming inside. I couldn't stop smiling but I was able to contain the inner voice. 

What was even cooler was Lynnette and I were asked to show up to the Hero Arts class 30 mins early. Being a doer and a fast learner I picked up the help setting up ball and ran with it. It was a good thing Lynnete and I was there I don't think they would have been ready in time. Here I am setting up and helping one of the ladies then it hit's me I know that voice... it's Lisa Spangler. Without even thinking I blurt out your was awesome. Sally Traidman was also there.  So then to make things even more exciting Shari asks if there is room for Heidi  without even knowing who she was I said "yes of course there is" and I set up a spot next to me. 

LOL so here's the funny part. I start talking to Heidi and asked her if she has a famous blog.. she said she wishes. Yeah.. so come to find out she's the owner of Simon Says Stamp, which if you've been following me for awhile you'd know I love them. She was shocked to know I not only knew about them but have actually ordered from them. We had a great conversation during the class. It was awesome. 

All in all an awesome day. We'll see how tomorrow goes. 


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