Monday, January 7, 2013

Come on Friday!

I can't wait til the weekend! It's time for the Craft and Hobby association winter trade show. :D All the new products will be out, new techniques, free classes plus all the big names in the industry will be around! This year I get to go. I am one happy camper. It's a horrible thing to not be able to go and it's even worse when you live 1/2 a mile away from the convention center.

I plan on taking lots of pictures but I did want to ask you, my readers, is there a booth you'd like me to check out for you? Rumor has it there's lots of giveaways is there anything you'd like me to try and grab for you?

No promises of course, I don't know if my bank account can handle me sending catalogs to every follower, butt I will do what I can. YouTube site is pretty good about releasing little snipits of the new stuff  from the show floor so keep your eye on that.

Happy Monday!

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