Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh wow it's busy!

It's been uber busy these last few weeks. I am happy to report the race went pretty good. It took me about 30 mins longer than planned however I did it that's what matters. There were some nasty hills that I did not train for. I'm training for them now. :D

Also a couple of weeks ago I started teaching community card classes at the local college. :D I have 4 students and having a great time with it. Three hours of card making for 4 Saturday's. To make things even more exciting I've been asked to teach classes at to different churches. 4 classes in 1 week. CRAZY!!

I'm way behind on posting photos, please forgive me. These are from my last class at the college. The focus was on die cutting, embossing and alcohol inks.

We also inked up a Christmas ornament unfortunately I didn't get pics of that. I'll do my best to upload pics of everything quickly. 

I hope all is well with you,


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