Thursday, May 10, 2012

My First Video!

Hello! Woot! Two posts to days in a row!

Last week I quickly mentioned that I made a video for Stamp Fever's blog. I adore glossy accents (even though it comes in a plastic bottle) but I hated how it would clog up all the time. I was constantly unplugging it. I even broke the nozzle on my last bottle. :(  I finally figured out how to keep it from clogging and realized after chatting with the owner of a local stamp company that I had to make a video. Here it is.

As Dk has a degree in photography the lighting and a number of other things will improve for the next video. (He was not happy with this one) Now to figure out what that next one will be. :D

Happy Thursday.


  1. Just want you to know that this tip is so awesome! I finally bought a new bottle of GA and I feel quite confident that it will remain usable til it's empty. Thanks, Katie!

  2. Great tip Katie :) I split my nozzle too. So irritating this love-hate relationship w/ glossy :)

  3. Thanks Katie!!! I will try this out because I hate when it dries :/

  4. Awesome!!! No more getting stuck with the pin! Thanks so much for the tip.

  5. Great Tip - and very good first Video ( give yourself a pat on the back !).