Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thar be loot!

Aye mateys! Thar be the loot I plundered from the depths of the sea.. arrrr...

Well I didn't actually plunder it.... I got a very generous gift card from my awesome Mother in Law and legally obtained my loot via the internet. Here is my bounteous haul:

Lots of stuff for the big shot :D and some other fun goodies. Very happy with the corner chomper. I was talked into buying a not so great one and never really cared for it. Cheaper isn't always better. As this is what all the experts use so I am secure in my purchase. (plus I got it at 40% off)

So funny ha ha.. the sizzix texture plates.. (top left with 6 circles) so come to find out they only work if you own the texture and the silicone rubber mats...after a quick run over to Stamp Fever I now have them on order. Thankfully they are cheap.

You would think I'd learn you see I was given/picked out some Tim Holtz movers and shapers dies.. I tried and tried they just wouldn't' work. I resorted to pulling out the instructions and actually reading them. yeah that wasn't much help so I turned to my good pal YouTube.... sure enough there is the man himself telling me I need a base tray. huh.. who knew? After I watched the video I saw on the packaging in itty bitty print.. blah blah blah needed for use sold separately blah blah blah. Needless to say that to is on order.

Hopefully I won't need any other random things for the big shot. We'll see though one more box of loot is set to arrive soon.

Arrrr matey's here is a little gem I found to get you into the mood. Pippy in the South Seas with one of the greatest composers of this century..... Hans Zimmer.

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